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Produktnummer: TON311627

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Gammelt håndtverk, Nytt design

  • Gammelt håndtverk


Design: Thomas Fleischtner

"The chair seat was thus manufactured from technologically formed wood while the other elements were formed manually in a traditional manner. A combination of the two methods in one product has created a bridge between these two technologies.

The Tram Chair is unique due to its design as well. The back rest of the seat functions as the connection of the legs at the same time, which means that no other supports are needed. Tram is supplied both with and without arm rests, in plain as well as upholstered version with a number of different materials available.

Although the Tram Chair was premeditated down to the last detail, finding its name was a coincidence. Due to the fact that the chair resembles the fibre-glass seats in Czech trams, it became popular under a funny name “tram chair”, abbreviated as Tram. The innovation retained this name finally."

The Tram Chair was introduced at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile furniture fair in Milan, which was held on 9 - 14 April 2013.


Stolen TRAM får du med finèr sete og med polstret sete. Prisen her er med Finèr. Stoff utvalg finner du under infosenter.