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Produktnummer: PED650

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Queen is fully made of polycarbonate, a strong material suitable for any habitat. The chair is inspired to traditional models but introduce a touch of contemporary design, either for material and construction technology. Queen chair is available in white or black full colour version or in clear, amber, violet or smoke grey transparent version.

Width 475 mm
Height 900 mm
Depth 520 mm
Seat height 460 mm

Designers:Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci
Polstring/Kvalitet PC
Sittebredde(cm) 45.0
Sittehøyde (cm) 46
Sittedybde (cm) 53.0
Stabelbar 4
Base for all products
Produsentens varenummer 650
Produsent navn Pedrali
Leveringstid 4-6 uker
Forpakning 4
Minsteantall 8
Vekt 4.5 kg
Høyde 90 cm