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Morettio Fornia iDeck, 2 kammer

Produktnummer: PD-105-105-
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Moretti Forni PD 105.105

Deck Pizza Oven is characterized by intelligent products that are remarkably easy to use, with an excellent quality/price ratio, dynamic design and full functionality. 
Moretti Forni PD 105.105 Deck Pizza Oven is heat generated by steel-plated heaters and electromechanical adjustment of ceiling and bedplate temperature. All models are stackable to a prover (humidified or standard) or a functional support with racks. All models are made of stainless steel and are equipped with a door and with a single handrail for easy grip. The cooktop is refractory. The maximum operating temperature is 450° C: a characteristic that makes iDeck ovens unique in their category.


Technical Specs

Conveyor Type Large Double Deck Oven
Power Type Electric
Capacity (35cm) 18
Width (mm) 1320
Depth (mm)  1425
Height (mm)  660
Total Weight (kgs) 282
Power (per deck) 415V, 3N, 23.1kW, 32.2AMP