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Produktnummer: TON321340

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DESIGN : Michal Riabic


MOJO is the first all-wood office chair by a Slovak designer Michal Riabič, thanks to which we have resumed a decades-long tradition of wood bending and which was transferred by us, as the first in the world, to the office furniture segment.


The Chair’s ergonomic shape will enable rocking movement to and fro which will activate your mind. Long ago people perceived that a child, when being rocked sideways, contentedly crooned and fell asleep after a while. But on the contrary, they found out that rocking to and fro on a swing, rocking horse or a chair would bring about pleasant feeling that, on the contrary, would stimulate to a higher activity.

We keep rocking and this movement subconsciously activates our body, our brain, which needs higher amount of blood carrying oxygen and glucose without which brain functioning would deteriorate fast. Although it is not scientifically proven, physicians are convinced that this is caused just by the to and fro rocking which increases blood circulation in the brain. This in turn increases temperature, and pleasant feelings in the limbic system induce another rocking and positive thinking.

Thanks to MOJO Chair and its rocking, brilliant and creative ideas will spring up in your offices and conference rooms.


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