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Produktnummer: CIZ158

NYHET! Trestol med moderne design

  • Nyhet! Trestol med moderne design


Vital  strength. A contemporary-style seating family, designed to add character to the widest variety of
everyday settings, while solving any problems of space, thanks to its compact dimensions. Available with a range of bases and finishes, and with the possibility of adding upholstery in a range of different colours, to meet any kind of requirement and fit in with any style, from vintage to contemporary, and minimalist to natural. Moreover the version with the metal base is stackable.


Stol med kryssfiner sete - beiset ​
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Stoler med fargevalg
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Produktnummer CIZMOD157-B
Produsent CIZETA
Materiale FINER/BØK
Høyde 82 cm
Sittebredde 49 cm
Sittehøyde 47 cm
Leveringstid 4-6 uker