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Sendy 152 3 SE stabelbar

Produktnummer: CIZ153-3
Veil. kr 7.619,-

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  • Annereldes eksklusiv stol med italiensk kvalietet!

SENDY 152 3 SE

Eclectic personality. More than a model, a design of stackable seat that can take a wide variety of forms, by varying the elements, materials and finishes to suit different styles time and again. From classic settings to contemporary spaces, from the glamorous to the minimalist, from homes to contract, to the most unconventional and luxurious of solutions




Polstring/Kvalitet kat.5
Sittebredde(cm) 48.0
Sittehøyde (cm) 47
Sittedybde (cm) 54.0
Stabelbar ja
Base for all products
Produsent kode 10008
Produsentens varenummer 152/3
Produsent navn Cizeta
Leveringstid 6-8 uker
Forpakning 2
Minsteantall 6
Vekt 6.5 kg
Høyde 81 cm