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Era 2 Stol

Produktnummer: TON311388

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design: Rene Sulc

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Ton`s beskrivelse av stolen:

"Individual eras in the history of mankind have always been accompanied by human creations often surpassing the time period of their birth. The Era chair should be one of these significant products of this era in the seating domain. It is a very elegant chair, though with a simple design, consisting of two main materials, bent beech wood and plywood. The chair is available in two versions, which have either completely identical components (chair frame) or identical semi-finished products (seat, backrest) only processed into a different shape. Thanks to the shape of the chair, plywood and beech wood components present a clean, tasteful and non-conventional combination.

These characteristics make the Era chair suitable for placement in many different household interiors and public areas."


Polstring/Kvalitet plywood_beech bentwood
Sittebredde(cm) 40
Sittehøyde (cm) 46
Sittedybde (cm) 40
Stabelbar nei
Base for all products
Produsent kode 311388
Leveringstid 6-8 uker
Minsteantall 2
Vekt 4,56 kg
Høyde 88 cm