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COCOON loungestol

Produktnummer: CIZ_1660_PO_B95F
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NYHET 2015

  • Nyhet 2015

COCOON Loungestol

"Simply elegant > Cocoon is a welcoming and comfortable seat to abandon oneself to pleasant moments of relaxation.
Its wrap-around curves offer a protective, voluptuous and ergonomic shell, which welcomes and caresses the body in the best fashion.     
The armchair is matched to a gracious table in beech wood or ash which, with the addition of a cushion, can be transformed into a comfortable pouf or stool.     
To complete the collection a pleasant and colourful dividing element in wood and cloth, which is able in one second to create a private corner."



Sittebredde(cm) 79
Sittehøyde (cm) 42
Sittedybde (cm) 69
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Produsentens varenummer 1660 PO B95F
Høyde 75 cm